What is love after all? Do I love him or “he”?

Question: Do I love him or “he”? He is Yan, “he” is Zhao, and Zhao is my junior high school classmate. He is very happy to talk with him. He has never lost his temper with me, but he will lose his temper with others. Hehe ~ But at that time, I didn’t know what love was. Even if I liked it, I just regarded it as a friend. He was the only happy memory of my junior high school ~ When I think about it up to now, I would laugh for a long time ~ Sometimes I always think of him ~ Yan, since I was a child. Sometimes when he is injured, he will worry about him and be too flustered to work. See him laugh, I will laugh, see him cry, my heart will be very painful; It hurts only to him ~ I smile from my heart when I think of him. As long as he is good, I don’t care what I want to take care of him ~ What is love?

Answer: I think Zhao is just a good friend of yours.

You just talked with him, and you got along very well.

And inflammation is the person you really like.

But not to the extent of love.

I think love is when you think.

As long as he is happy, it doesn’t matter whether he can be with him or not.

I think that’s love .. In fact, love is more open-minded than liking.

Everything else is almost just a matter of time.

Answer: The latter is love! The former is friendship, and it can also be said to be a good friendship.

Answer: When people’s life comes to an end, they will go through reincarnation. When you are near the world, you will forget the memory of your past life, and this life will become happy. Don’t you have to forget it at that time? What is happiness, where is happiness, people have been searching for it all the time, looking for it. Happiness is actually in that moment, and happiness is actually in that moment of forgetting.

Answer: Love is a gratuitous effort, a willing help, and a mutual spiritual induction. Since you have chosen love, you should treat it sincerely, cherish it, and support it when he or she is in trouble.

Encourage when you fail, be happy when he or she is happy, and comfort him or her when he or she is sad. Instead of ignoring its existence when you have it, you know that you regret it when you lose it.

To love a person requires him or her to be happy forever, to be a safe haven forever, and to protect him or her, even if it hurts a little. True love for someone is not as simple as we think,

An affectionate hug, a deep kiss, an unchanging oath, a keepsake that never fades … All these things are dull and dull in front of true love.

The most important thing to love a person is to respect his/her independent time and 空, so that he/she can devote himself/herself to the struggle for his/her ideal career.

And urge him (her) to make full use of his/her own time, and help each other, support each other and share joys and sorrows during the short 空 time spent with each other.

I hope you are happy! !

Answer: Love is simple and complicated! Love can be a kind of caring, a kind of missing, or a feeling of being indescribable chemistry!

Answer: In fact, love is like this ~ Love with your heart!

Love is tolerant, not indulgent, caring, not pampering, blending with each other, not unrequited love, which is full of taste, not all sweetness. …

True love is not necessarily the perfect match in the eyes of others.

It’s the mutual agreement of the hearts of people who love each other.

Is to make each other’s life better and give silently.

This love not only warms themselves, but also warms those worldly hearts.

True love is to cherish when you can love.

True love is knowing how to let go when you can’t love.

Because letting go is having everything …

Please love when you cherish it.

When you let go, bless well …

True love is a kind of care and care from the heart, without flowery words or grandstanding actions.

You can only feel it in every word and deed. So plain and firm. On the contrary, oath and promise illustrate its uncertainty.

Never believe in sweet words. Feel it with your heart.

Inclusive, caring, and setting aside private 空 rooms for each other.

Honest, if you want to quarrel, think about your own bad first.

There should be no big problem, but it’s very difficult. ..

Sincerely wish you, find your loved ones as soon as possible, and grow old together with those who love yourself. If you love her, learn to love her silently, and care about her, prove that love is not what you say. You should pay with your heart, feel and bear with your heart ~ How can true love be so easy to get? If you really want to protect her with your life, then use your life to prove it ~

If you don’t like to leave, it is the best choice ~

But how many people can do it ~ how can they have true love without giving? `

Try these tricks, they are very useful for girls!

The first plan: no matter what is delicious, she will be given the first bite.

Second, always stand on her left and hold her hand. Even when eating, sit on her left and hold her hand with her left hand. Third, she is in poor health, so accompany her to exercise and swim.

Number four: No matter how busy you are, you will call her first when you are finished.

The fifth measure: when climbing the mountain, she was tired, so she had to carry her behind her back, and she was sweating rather than being tired.

Number six: She is allergic to ultraviolet rays, so open an umbrella for her in summer.

Number seven: She can’t use a knife. When eating pizza, she first cuts the pizza into small pieces and then gives it to her.

Number eight: Eat the rest of her food.

Number nine: on a sleet night, carefully pick out the thorns in the fish and feed them to her for dinner.

Number 10: Put the facial tissue that she wiped her nose into your pocket directly, and then take it out and throw it away when you see the trash can.

Number 11: When watching movies, let her comfortably lean on your right shoulder and hold your right arm.

Item 12: She went out to play with her best friends, and she had to remember. Her mobile phone stayed up late, and she didn’t go to bed until she called home.

Count 13: Know all her hobbies and try to adapt to her tastes.

Count 14: Go out on business and bring her gifts if you have time.

Item 15: Whenever you call her cell phone, you should tell her where you are and what you are doing.

Item 16: Let her know all your passwords and never change them.

Count 17: Try to find time to accompany her, even if it is a short time, you will come to see her.

Count 18: Call her before going to bed at night, and you will chat with me late.

Count 19: Everything she gives you should be carefully preserved.

Count 20: Refuse the courtship of other girls for her.

Count 21: When she sees her face is not good, she will accompany her for beauty treatment and wait at the door of the beauty salon.

Count 22: When she encounters trouble, she will find ways to comfort her.

Count 23: When you want to go home after a date, you should keep an eye on her on the bus until you can’t see her.

Twenty-fourth plan: buy eye drops for her when she knows that she always looks at the computer and her eyes hurt.

Twenty-five: Cut her nails, and cover her stomach with her hand when it hurts.

Count 26: I will wear socks and shoes for her. When I see her shoelaces loose on the road, I will bend down and tie them for her.

Count 27: Never let her carry heavy things.

Count 28: Pray for her when you go to the temple to incense.

Count 29: Find her favorite stories and jokes on the Internet, and then write them down and tell them to her when we meet.

Count 30: I will give up my hobby to accompany her and almost stop playing games.

Count 31: Knowing that someone is chasing her will be uneasy, jealous and angry.

Count 32: Treat her friends sincerely and try to help them when they are in trouble.

Count 33: Keep your photo and tell everyone around you that you are a couple.

Count 34: When you see her crying, you will be anxious; when you see her happy, you will be happy.

Count 35: Will shed tears, worry and lose sleep for her.

36. Love her and tell her that you will marry her. Bless you

Answer: Love is to like each other ~ Love is to like deeply.

If you love someone,

Once separated, you can’t remember his face, even though he is so familiar as family.

If you love someone, you miss him and you are afraid to see him, you think he just wants to listen to his voice and take a look at him.

You have no desire to possess him, just like dew on a lotus leaf, you only feel it with your heart, but you dare not touch it.

I think you love inflammation more. As for Zhao, you may just regard him as a good friend ~

Only you know your true feelings ~