How to make dried mushroom delicious.

There are three steps to how to eat dried mushrooms. Can be done: ganbajun sausage bibimbap, fried leeks with ganba, pickled ganbajun with leeks. The following are the specific steps of pickled ganba fungus with leek flower:



Dry the ingredients and cut them into thin pieces.

Tear dried bajun into strips, wash leek flowers and dried bajun, control the moisture, and chop half of pepper.


Pour the ingredients into a large bowl, add salt and grab well.

Pour pepper, dried fungus, prickly ash, shredded ginger and leek flower into a large bowl, add salt and grab well.


Place the jar to press and seal.

Put the mixed raw materials into a pickle jar, flatten them with a spoon, cover them, pour purified water and seal them, and place the jar in the shade for one week.


Summary: The above is the specific operation steps on how to make ganba bacteria delicious, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.