How to change Huawei charging special effects?

Best answer: Find the “theme” application in Huawei smartphone operating system. Click “theme” to enter the “theme” selection interface, and you can see the “search bar” at the top. Enter “charging effect” in the “search bar”. In the theme selection interface below, a theme with “charging special effects” will appear. Just choose a click application you like.


1. find the “theme” application in Huawei smartphone operating system.

3. Enter “Charging Effect” in the “Search Bar”.

Huawei tips:

I. About screen capture:

The screen capture function of Huawei mobile phone is very powerful and intelligent. Most people’s screen shots are achieved by holding down the volume down button and the power button at the same time. So is there a faster way to screen capture?

1. Tap hard with your knuckles;

2. Double-click to intercept the full screen or tap and draw a closed pattern to intercept the selected screen;

3. Double-click with double knuckles to start/stop screen recording;

4. Tap with your knuckles and draw the letter s to start the scrolling screen capture.

Second, on the desktop icon finishing:

1. Multiple application icons are moved to another desktop at one time. Slide in double directions on the main desktop to enter the editing mode, select the icon you want to move at the unit price (multiple choices are allowed), and then press and hold one icon at will, and other icons will come close together, so that you can move to the place you want to put it.

2. Shake the desktop icons automatically. Or slide inside the main desktop in double directions to enter the editing mode, click the setting button in the lower right corner to enter the setting page, and check it with a shake option. In this way, if your desktop is out of order, you can automatically sort it by shaking your mobile phone.

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