How many levels does instant messaging software raise the sun?

Answer: [The question mark is online for 2 hours every day, which counts as an active period].

[1] [Level 16, one sun for 320 days].

[2] [Level 32, 2 suns, 1152 days].

[3] [Level 48, 3 suns, 2496 days].

[4] [60-level four suns for 3840 days].

Answer: Level 16.

Answer: 16. ..

Answer: everyone on earth knows it at level 16.

Answer: Level 16 can raise the sun.

Two hours a day will do, but it’s useless.

Calculation of “active days”

“active day” means that if a user uses instant messaging software for more than a certain time on that day, we think that the user is active on that day, and we will add one day to his active days.

Based on the statistical data, we define the calculation of “active days” as follows:

On the same day (0:00-23:59), when using instant messaging software for 2 hours (and more than 2 hours), the user’s day is regarded as an active day, and one day is accumulated for his active days.

On the same day (0:00-23:59), use instant messaging software for 0.5 hours to 2 hours, and accumulate 0.5 days for its active days.

Those who use instant messaging software for less than 0.5 hours on the same day (0:00-23:59) will not accumulate active days.

Handling of days in upgrade.

The number of hours in the upgrade is proportionally converted to the number of active days.

Assuming that the online time of users at this level is x hours, the method of converting into days is: converting into days in proportion, with specific examples as follows:

Let’s say that a user is currently in Grade 15, and his online hours are 1450 hours. His online hours in Grade 15 are 1450-1350=100 hours, and the hours required for upgrading from Grade 15 to Grade 16 are 1520-1350=170 hours. At present, it takes 320-285=35 days in terms of active days.

Then the number of days converted by the user is 285+(100/170)*35=285+21=306 days.

What changes have been made in QQ2005beta2 and earlier versions?

After the introduction of the time adjustment scheme, the online time has become a small function for recording the usage time in instant messaging software, which is no longer linked to the level. On QQ2005beta2 and previous clients, the online time continues to accumulate in their avatar skills, while the remaining time becomes 0. In QQ2005beta3 and later versions, there will be active days and remaining active days in avatar skills.

Answer: 16.