Differences between surface antigen -5 and s6.

Best answer: Blood oxygen saturation: applewatchseries6 brings blood oxygen saturation monitoring. applewatchseries5 does not support blood oxygen saturation monitoring. Different shapes: applewatchseries6 is made of titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. applewatchseries5 is made of titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and precision ceramics.


1. blood oxygen saturation: applewatchseries6 brings new blood oxygen saturation monitoring to users. applewatchseries5 does not support blood oxygen saturation monitoring. Blood oxygen saturation test can monitor users’ health at any time, and bring about better health management.

2. Different shapes: applewatchseries6 provides users with titanium, stainless steel and aluminum. applewatchseries5 is made of titanium and stainless steel. Aluminum, precision ceramics. In the aspect of watch material, surface antigen -5 brings more choices to users, and s6 is less selective.

Tips for using vivo mobile phone:

1. Super screen capture: The super screen capture in Vivo mobile phone is very rich. It has practical screen capture functions such as lasso screen capture, graffiti screen capture, rectangular screen capture, etc. All kinds of screen capture methods are integrated into one, so that you can take any screen capture you want, which is very convenient. You only need to slide the screen up to see the super screen capture. Click in to choose.

2. Small screen mode: Although there are applications in the mobile phone, it is not suitable for use sometimes. For example, when you have items in your hand but have to use the mobile phone, then you can use the small screen in the lively mobile phone to operate, and you can set it according to your own needs, and you can move the position of the small screen at will. Its starting mode is also very simple, just click Settings-One Hand Operation-Small Screen Mode.

3. Gesture dialing: There is a very convenient dialing artifact in ivo mobile phone. You only need to add contacts, and enter the corresponding gestures on the screen. Click the contact icon-Personal-Gesture dialing, and add the gestures you remember and the corresponding contacts.

4. Screen-off clock: Generally, it is necessary to press the power button to check the time on mobile phones. However, if this setting is turned on in a lively mobile phone, the current time will still be displayed even if the mobile phone is in a black screen state. Turn on the settings in the mobile phone-screen lock, desktop and wallpaper screen-off clock.

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