Can Apple mobile phone photos be directly imported into USB flash drive?

Best answer: Connect the computer and mobile phone with the data cable, and select “Allow”. Open on the computer and select “open the device to view files”. After opening, you will see that your mobile phone exists in the form of disk. Click Open. Open the folder, select the photos to be exported and copy them to the USB flash drive.


1, use the data cable to connect the computer and mobile phone, select “allow”.

3. After opening, you will see that your mobile phone exists in the form of disk. Click Open.

Tips for using Apple’s mobile phone:

1. Wonderful use of calculator: Computers in iPhone phones are usually used for simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As long as the computer is turned horizontally, the scientific calculator can be turned on, and some complex operations such as equations and root numbers can be done here.

2. Quickly take photos and record videos: When taking photos and recording videos, you often miss a beautiful moment because you need to turn on your mobile phone and then turn on your camera for shooting. In fact, you may not know the shortcut keys for taking pictures and recording videos. This shortcut key is a common volume key. If you set it in the camera settings in advance, you can use the volume key to control taking pictures and shooting videos.

3. Noise reduction of voice memos: iPhone users know that voice memos are very useful, but sometimes if the environment is a little noisy, the recorded audio can’t be heard clearly. In fact, as long as you click on the magic wand icon of audio file, you can reduce noise with one click, and the audio is much clearer.

4. Audio (voice) sorting into words: It is said above that the audio files in the voice memo can reduce noise. Here, let’s talk about the sorting of audio files. Because of the needs of work, we often record meeting minutes, inspiration and so on, and record some audio and then take notes slowly afterwards to avoid mistakes. In fact, we can use the audio-to-text assistant to organize audio files with one click.

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