Call for help! Is “good back” effective?

Problem details: call for help ~! Who can tell me whether the method of “back-building” physical correction of body posture is scientific? Is it appropriate? If appropriate, I am 18. Is it still valid this year? Please be more specific ~!

Answer: Scientific and effective According to the theory of spine etiology, the scoliosis and torsion of spine caused by people’s habitual posture and other factors can lead to the pathological changes of human organs, which will be helpful to the human body if corrected in time.

Question: Is it 18? That’s it. Your bones won’t grow. How can they still work?

It’s OK to be 14 years old.

It is suggested that swimming and gymnastics are more useful than him, and I didn’t pay attention when I was a child.

What’s the effect of dismantling something fixed on you?

Answer: It’s useless. Only exercise every day and keep a good walking posture.

Answer: Scientific and effective.